Ken Raisanen

A teacher in the Ontonagon Area Schools since 1975 and contributing member of WOAS-FM staff since 1986. Became the station manager in 1997.

FTV: Oak Island

       The aptly named “Money Pit” on a little two lobed island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada was purportedly discovered in 1795.  In a mere seventy years after the discovery, numerous groups of treasurer seekers from near and far had landed on Oak Island. Their explorations saw at least ten shafts and an […]

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FTV: Bottles and Balloons

       Early Sunday afternoon, several hours before the start of Super Bowl LIII, my wife and I were running a few errands after church.  As we crossed the Parker Avenue / Greenland Road intersection on the way to downtown Ontonagon, an object moving on the side street to our right caught our eye.  To me, […]

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S4SD – DbD 5

WOAS-FM will be taking part in the STRIVE 4 A SAFER DRIVE (S4SD) program again in 2020.  This marks the fifth consecutive year that we will using a $1000 grant from the State of Michigan and Ford Motor Corporation to spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving.  Our signature program has become Don’t […]

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FTV: Winter Wanderings

 A Born Loser cartoon from some time ago showed Brutus Thornapple (aka: The Born Loser) walking waist deep along a snowlined sidewalk.  He was recounting how the snow had been deeper and the snow banks higher when he was a kid. Trailing behind is his son Wilberforce, but of course, all you can see of […]

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FTV: Geno

       Another new year begins.  Does anybody really want another reminder that time marches on?  The Friday before last Thanksgiving, my phone rang early in the morning with the kind of news that reminds us all that we aren’t getting any younger.  My old guitar playing buddy from Sledgehammer, Barry Seymour, called from L.A. to […]

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