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FTV: David Brinkley – Part 2

       The late David Brinkley was not one of my go to sources for information in my formative years.  My father watched Walter Cronkite each night when WLUC-TV 6 was a CBS network affiliate (and the only channel we received).  Even when cable TV entered the picture, our household relied on Uncle Walter for both […]

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FTV: David Brinkley

  David Brinkley’s 1995 Memoir (Knopf Books) is on one hand a fascinating story of his life.  Born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1920, he grew up in the same era as my father.  Contrasting Brinkley’s tales of growing up in the post-WWI south with my dad’s stories of his early years in Wakefield, Michigan, I […]

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FTV: Hough’s Heroes

       In the movie Kelly’s Heroes (1970 – MGM Pictures), Kelly (Clint Eastwood) leads a rag-tag assemblage of soldiers deep behind German lines with a singular goal in mind.  While his commanding officers mistake Kelly’s assault as an unbridaled act of bravery, his real aim is to raid a bank vault containing gold bars hidden […]

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FTV: Tale of Six Rooms

     During my job interview with Elementary-Jr. High Principal Jim Ollila, we took a quick tour of the old Ontonagon High School building.  At that time, I didn’t know the history of the district. I wasn’t aware that it had only been eight years since the opening of the new high school building on Parker Avenue.  […]

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