March 9, 2022

Need a cheap EAS system for your station?

We have found ourselves with a piece of surplus equipment, includes manual, set up CD and unit.  It no longer fits our signal chain and we hate the idea of having another dust catcher in the studio.  It is a TRILITHIC EASy PLUS EAS SYSTEM CONTROLLER – it works but we had to take this unit off of our system.

Make a reasonable offer that includes shipping and insurance cost and we will consider making it yours – we will not ‘sell it as is’ but we would take a DONATION to the station . . . just haven’t a clue how to ask for it.  Best offer will be considered first, so do not ask if a nickel is enough (it won’t be).  Hint – the last time we mailed something this size in for service (our transmitter to San Diego) it rang in at $115 with insurance . . .

Contact me at – we are in the middle of our annual safe driving PSA campaign so do not be alarmed it I do not get back to you immediately.

Top Piece Video:  EAS is all about staying safe, is it not?  Men W/O Hats said it best!