Monthly Archives: February 2020

FTV: Time and Tide

       Of course, the full statement teased in the title is, “Time and tide wait for no one,” but even the shorter version will suffice for our purposes here.  Having recently finished the second hiking book provided to me by the WOAS West Coast Bureau in Eugene (William Sullivan’s Hiking Oregon’s History – Navillus Press […]

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FTV: Steve Gorman

       Steve Gorman looked into the bathroom mirror and conversed with his reflection:  “Just do what your gut tells you.” His gut replied, “Do NOT join this band, they’re (expletive deleted) crazy.”  With that settled, he resolved to stay with Mary My Hope, the band he had joined soon after relocating from his native Kentucky […]

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FTV: Oak Island

       The aptly named “Money Pit” on a little two lobed island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada was purportedly discovered in 1795.  In a mere seventy years after the discovery, numerous groups of treasurer seekers from near and far had landed on Oak Island. Their explorations saw at least ten shafts and an […]

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