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FTV: The Jimi Invasions

     A while back, we chronicled the life of Jimi Hendrix from his childhood in Seattle, Washington to the first meeting with his future manager and producer, Chas Chandler in New York City in 1966 (FTV:  Johnny Allen Hendrix  5-25-22 and Johnny Allen Hendrix – Part 2  6-1-22).  While musicians in the United States were just […]

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FTV: Rudy Sarzo

       The name might not be familiar, but I will lay odds that if you have seen any number of videos made by bands like Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, and Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz in the 1980s, you have seen his face.  Having seen many of the aforementioned videos, I knew who Rudy Sarzo was […]

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FTV: Cover Me

     Reading Bill DeMain’s excellent introduction to Classic Rock Magazine’s feature on Rock’s Greatest Cover Versions (CRM # 298 – March 2022), it dawned on me that 95 percent of musicians get their start playing cover versions of other people’s music.  The other 5 percent (and that may actually be an overly generous slice of the […]

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