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WOAS-FM 88.5 would like to take a minute to acknowledge the student DJs who comprised the day shift this past year.  While it is disappointing that they were not able to finish the year because of the you-know-what pandemic, they progressed rapidly in their radio skills and we will miss the graduating seniors.  We wish […]

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COVID-19 Update

Greetings – just wanted to let everyone know that we are broadcasting on a limited schedule because a) I am here cleaning and sanitizing, looking to the future, and b) it gives us a chance to advertise the school district food distribution program – at present, they school staff is serving over 200 families on […]

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FTV: Geno

       Another new year begins.  Does anybody really want another reminder that time marches on?  The Friday before last Thanksgiving, my phone rang early in the morning with the kind of news that reminds us all that we aren’t getting any younger.  My old guitar playing buddy from Sledgehammer, Barry Seymour, called from L.A. to […]

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WOAS – FM Recycling Update

     Twenty years ago, WOAS-FM was actively hunting for some sort of public service project to join.  The old adage ‘seek and ye shall find’ truly came into play because less than a month after the search began, the paperwork for a recycling project from an organization called The Funding Factory landed in the mailbox.  The […]

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