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AstroCal – August 2023

AstroCal – August 2023        Cue the Marcels (as in the song Blue Moon) because August will be a two Full Moon month.  By the classic definition, the second Full Moon in a calendar month is called a Blue Moon.  Both of the August Full Moons will also be what are known as Super Moons […]

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FTV: Cha Cha Changes – Part 2

       In Part 1 of Cha Cha Changes (again, my apologies to David Bowie for borrowing his song title), we began running down what Ontonagon was like in 1975 when I first arrived as the new Junior High Geography/Earth Science teacher in the Ontonagon Area Schools.  This article was begun as a presentation made at […]

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FTV: Cha Cha Changes . . .

       When recently asked to present ‘something about how things have changed around here’ for the Ontonagon County Historical Society,  I said, “Let me think about it before I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”  There are already many volumes available about the history of the area (see:  Knox Jamison, Earl Doyle, and Bruce Johanson for starters), […]

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