Monthly Archives: January 2021

FTV: More Wood Stories

       At the time the first part of FTV:  Wood Stories (published 3-11-20) was being written, we were in the process of having a large Silver Poplar tree removed from our side yard.  When our house was originally built, the owner had planted three of these trees along with a couple of Spruce trees in […]

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FTV: Brian Jones

       Try to remember the first time you saw The Rolling Stones on TV or an album cover.  While reading Paul Trynka’s book Brian Jones:  The Making of the Rolling Stones (Viking Press, 2014) I went back and found a YouTube video of their debut appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show from October of 1964.  […]

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FTV: Hard Knocks

       The human body is a remarkable machine.  Our built-in self-repair mechanisms are tested throughout one’s life and looking back, I can only wonder why humans are so determined to thoroughly test the limits of these systems.  My father and mother both smoked when I was growing up.  Thankfully, my mother quit cold turkey when […]

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FTV: Walrus

       When searching for ideas for these written ramblings called ‘FTV’, I periodically feel the cosmic wheels spinning when inspiration pops an idea into my brain.  The way my mind works, a tune, a fragment of a memory, a photograph, or a bit of stray conversation can plant the seed of a topic for consideration.  […]

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FTV: Water Wars

  In the fall of 2020, my buddy John Fischer asked me to Google “Great Lakes water diversions” and let him know what I thought of the first article that popped up.  It told the tale of a project (started in Ontario, Canada in 1925) to dam rivers just north of the Lake Superior / Hudson […]

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