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FTV: Albums at 50

       Yikes!  As I scanned USA Today writer Melissa Ruggieri’s list in her article Timeless albums, tunes are turning 50 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (published 6-13-22), all I could say was, “Yikes!”  How could fifty years have gone by since some of my favorite albums first began climbing the record sales charts?  While some […]

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FTV: RR 40 Years On

       In guitarist-speak, RR has become a shorthand reference for the late Randy Rhoads.  Though Rhoads passed away when the small airplane he was a passenger in crashed (while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne in Florida) on March 19, 1982, his legacy remains strong today. Volume 43, No. 07 of Guitar World commemorated the 40th […]

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