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From the Vaults: Who’s Next

     In 1999, the Wachowskis siblings launched a little multi-part film franchise called The Matrix.  Although I have yet to see the fourth installment, the whole series revolves around the original film’s basic tenets.  According to Wiki, “The Matrix depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality called The Matrix.  […]

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FTV: The Mystical Side of Skynyrd

       What do you call it?  Deja vu?  Clairvoyance?  Luck?  Intuition?  No doubt you have heard tales of mysterious events that defy simple, rational explanation.  It is a pretty safe bet that many of you may have experienced these kinds of things.  Whether one chooses to tell other people about these happenings is a rather […]

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FTV: Sure You Have!

       If you are old enough to remember Johnny Carson’s ‘Carnac the Magnificent’, you can skip the explanation.  Carson, decked out with his cape and oversized headgear as Carnac, would hold a sealed envelope to his forehead and predict the answer to the question posed on a slip of paper inside.  For example, Carnac would […]

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FTV: The Jimi Invasions

     A while back, we chronicled the life of Jimi Hendrix from his childhood in Seattle, Washington to the first meeting with his future manager and producer, Chas Chandler in New York City in 1966 (FTV:  Johnny Allen Hendrix  5-25-22 and Johnny Allen Hendrix – Part 2  6-1-22).  While musicians in the United States were just […]

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