Monthly Archives: October 2023

AstroCal – November 2023

AstroCal – November 2023        November  will be a great month for those of you who like to see that bright gem of a planet Venus in the early morning hours.  On the morning of November 9, it will be particularly interesting as our ‘twin planet’ will have a very close encounter with the Last […]

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FTV: Playgrounds in My Mind

       When I was a wee lad of maybe four, we visited my cousin Wally and his wife somewhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota.  Being on the young side and a few years ahead of developing my fixation on maps and geography, the details are a bit fuzzy.  The one thing that comes to mind with […]

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FTV: Caravan of Stars

       Back in May of 2023, we covered the origins of Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band (5-3-23) a month before I had the opportunity to see the current version of the band in Eugene, Oregon.  This FTV article explained how a thirty-year old promoter named David Fishof proposed an idea to Ringo.  In 1989, Fishof asked […]

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