Monthly Archives: June 2023

From the Vaults: Rick Reilly

       Over a period of thirty years, I was an avid reader of Sports Illustrated.  When they became yet another publication that slimmed down from a weekly to a monthly format, their features changed radically enough for me to let my subscription lapse.  From 1997 to 2007, the first article I read in every issue […]

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AstroCal – July 2023

     The most visible planet in the western sky, Venus, will take a dramatic plunge during the month of July.  It will begin July 25 degrees above the horizon and will set 2.3 hours after the Sun on that date.  By August 1, Venus will only be 3 degrees above the horizon and will set a […]

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FTV: Misplaced . . .

       When photos were posted of eight year-old Nante Niemi being piggybacked out of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park on Eli Talsma’s back this past spring, a combined sigh of relief and shouts of joy echoed far beyond the Western Upper Peninsula.  NBC’s Today Show led off the parade of national media stories.  Later […]

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From the Vaults: Floods and Tides

       The recent floods that sometimes plague Ewen and Chassell are a reminder that we are not immune to weather related problems here in the Upper Peninsula.  Annual flooding of the South Branch of the Ontonagon River at the M28 bridge in Ewen and the Sturgeon River Slough area crossed by US41 near Chassell seem […]

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From the Vaults: Lori Garver

       Sometimes an unfamiliar name used as a title for an FTV article doesn’t have enough information to be a real ‘grabber’.  On the other hand, filling out the title of this installment with more details would be a little overwhelming.  With that said, let me add this to go with the * above to […]

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