Monthly Archives: June 2022

FTV: Tragedy to Triumph

       Things happened in rapid succession in the wake of the tragic Apollo 1 spacecraft fire that claimed the lives of astronauts Gus Grisson, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee on January 27, 1967.  NASA administrator James Webb quickly conferred with his internal board of review to assess the best way to deal with the crisis.  […]

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FTV: Albums at 50

       Yikes!  As I scanned USA Today writer Melissa Ruggieri’s list in her article Timeless albums, tunes are turning 50 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (published 6-13-22), all I could say was, “Yikes!”  How could fifty years have gone by since some of my favorite albums first began climbing the record sales charts?  While some […]

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Summer Break . . .

Hey gang – The Summer Solstice has arrived and we are giving Lee ‘The Night-flier’ (above) and the rest of the our staff some much needed R&R time – plus yours truly time to swamp out the studios before start of the next broadcast year at WOAS-FM 88.5. The website remains active even when […]

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AstroCal – July 2022

       After a couple of months with no evening planets gracing our skies, both Mercury and Saturn will make their appearance late in the month.  It will be a bit of a viewing challenge, but on July 29, Mercury will appear just below the very young Crescent Moon in the WNW 20 minutes after sunset.  […]

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FTV: A Brief History of Rocketry

 Perhaps there needs to be a qualifying statement tagged to the above title:  A Brief History ‘of Modern Rocketry’.  It is common knowledge that the Chinese were the first true rocketry pioneers (circa 13th Century).  The Chinese used their newest invention, gunpowder, to launch celebratory fireworks and so called ‘fire-arrows’ used in battle.  For our […]

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FTV: RR 40 Years On

       In guitarist-speak, RR has become a shorthand reference for the late Randy Rhoads.  Though Rhoads passed away when the small airplane he was a passenger in crashed (while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne in Florida) on March 19, 1982, his legacy remains strong today. Volume 43, No. 07 of Guitar World commemorated the 40th […]

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