Monthly Archives: November 2018

FTV: Pearl Harbor

  Pearl Harbor was attacked by the United States Armed Forces in 1928, 1932, 1933, and 1937.  Of course, these were only training exercises, but just the same, the Navy’s assaults on Pearl had caught the defending forces with their pants down each and every time.  The 1932 attack even saw the ‘enemy’ planes swoop in […]

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FTV: Athletically Speaking

    A while back, I spent four segments of From the Vaults reminiscing about my high school years.  Having discovered my old high school annuals (called The Tatler), it was rather fun thinking back to the things that kept me busy and off the street.  The vast majority of these memories revolved around both high school […]

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FTV: Joe B Revisited

  We last visited Joe Bonamassa-land after the release of his 2016 album Blues of Desperation (FTV: Joe’s Blues 5-4-2016).  At that time, we found Bonamassa riding the crest of a wave of creativity that saw him releasing multiple live CD/DVD packages of his own work (Live at Royale Albert Hall and Live at Radio City […]

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