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FTV: Wild and Crazy Guys

       We have discussed some of the Saturday Night Live crew previously so it seemed high time to shine the light on some of the others players who revolutionized comedy in the 1980s.  We have already covered Dan Aykroyd (FTV:  Dan Aykroyd 4-1-20) and Steve Martin (FTV:  Wild & Crazy Guy Part 1 & 2;  […]

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AstroCal – May 2022

       Before we get into the May sky watching events, I would like to introduce you to the American Meteor Society, or AMS for short (  This non-profit scientific organization was formed in 1911 to “inform, encourage, and support research activities of both amateur and professional astronomers who are directly interested in meteoric astronomy.”  A […]

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FTV: Cover Me

     Reading Bill DeMain’s excellent introduction to Classic Rock Magazine’s feature on Rock’s Greatest Cover Versions (CRM # 298 – March 2022), it dawned on me that 95 percent of musicians get their start playing cover versions of other people’s music.  The other 5 percent (and that may actually be an overly generous slice of the […]

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From the Vaults: American Roads

From the Vaults:  American Roads        Among the many topics covered by Simon Winchester in his book The Men Who United the States (2013, Harper-Perennial Books), one that fascinated me a lot was the history of American roads.  Winchester notes that at the turn of the nineteenth century, 96 percent of travel in America was […]

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