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FTV: Definition of a ‘Hero’

       When Clayton Fisher died in January of 2011, Norman Jack (“Dusty”) Kleiss became the last living dive bomber pilot to have participated in the Battle of Midway.  As time took more of the participants of the June 4 – 6, 1942 battle, he found he was being sought out by more and more historians […]

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FTV: Apollo – Fact or Fiction?

       Steph Curry is a terrific basketball player, two-time NBA MVP, and one of those wealthy professional athletes who decided to take a stab at becoming a media mogul.  It is a little too soon to pass judgement on his budding media career.  His attempt at TV production (an exploitation of Curry’s interest in golf […]

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FTV: Rewriting History

       “In fourteen hundred ninety two . . . “  How many of you instinctively filled in the dots with “Columbus sailed the ocean blue”?  Such was the state of North American history as taught throughout most of the twentieth century.  This view did not become dogma until there was a deliberate rewriting of history […]

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