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FTV: Ga$

I started commuting back and forth from the Huron Mountain Club to Marquette two or three nights a week to play band jobs in the summer of 1972, my second year working there.  The three years I worked at the club are easy for me to keep straight because I had a different vehicle each […]

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WOAS-FM still evolving

The All School Reunion held this past summer was a great event.  There is never a better time for alums from all across the map to return home and show their families their roots.   Former WOAS-FM DJ Tom Dean did just that when he dropped by with his lovely wife Melissa.  Not only was he […]

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Just in from the West Coast Bureau:

Ah, Faber College is alive and well.  Having taken the unofficial tour of a few of the sites used in filming the classic movie Animal House (but alas, we didn’t make it to the AH themed bar),  it only seemed a matter of time before someone redid this scene from the movie.  If you think you […]

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Level 42

Level 42 has always been one of my ‘guilty pleasure’ bands along with Howard Jones.  Glad to see that they can still bring it live – Mark King’s name doesn’t often surface in the ‘great bass player / vocalist’ lists, but he can do both.  Clip is taken from a Dutch television program. I ran […]

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Walter Trout – Alive and Touring again

There are many sources of inspiration in the world of music – there are many different articles that have been writtne about Walter Trout’s brush with death while he waited for a liver transplant – the video speaks volumes about the human body and what it can endure and heal.  Inspirational is the only word […]

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FTV: The Huron Mountain Years

   Multitasking isn’t something that arrived with the computer age.  In the old days, multitasking wasn’t something you could do sitting in one place with the digital platform of your choice in front of you.  No, in the old days, multitasking usually involved frequent relocation from one jobsite to another.     There was a two year period […]

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