Monthly Archives: November 2022

From the Vaults: VOA – a special on line commentary

       VOICE OF AMERICA BEGINS ROHINGYA LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING – A Commentary by VOA Director Amanda Bennett:  “Voice of America has launched its first radio program in Rohingya, the language of more than 800,000 refugees who fled Myanmar and are living in camps across the border in Bangladesh.      Many international organizations are working to provide the […]

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From the Vaults: Who’s Next

     In 1999, the Wachowskis siblings launched a little multi-part film franchise called The Matrix.  Although I have yet to see the fourth installment, the whole series revolves around the original film’s basic tenets.  According to Wiki, “The Matrix depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality called The Matrix.  […]

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