Monthly Archives: March 2020

FTV: Tale of Six Rooms

     During my job interview with Elementary-Jr. High Principal Jim Ollila, we took a quick tour of the old Ontonagon High School building.  At that time, I didn’t know the history of the district. I wasn’t aware that it had only been eight years since the opening of the new high school building on Parker Avenue.  […]

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FTV: Quotable

  Too often, quotes we remember for some reason spring from our lips even though their origins  may be vague. Many memorable quotes come from the world of sports and we tend to remember the malapropisms and mixed metaphors (from the likes of Yogi Berra) longer than others.  Berra’s unintentional mangling of the English language made […]

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S4SD -DbD 5 Update

Greetings all – With February behind us, we are working diligently to get the posters and buttons judged so we can wrap up this year’s Strive 4 a Safer Drive – Don’t be Distracted 5 campaign. Winners will be announced in this space in the next two weeks. Thank you to MSP Trooper Jerry Mazurek […]

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FTV: Wood Stories

 When one is young, it is sometimes hard to fathom why your parents work so hard.  We always had a perfectly good coal or oil furnace in the houses we lived in, yet my father was obsessed with cutting firewood.  Of course, one needed a fireplace or a wood stove of some sort to warrant […]

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FTV: Time and Tide Part 2

     In Part 1 of Time and Tide, we examined some of the ways humans have managed to foul up Mother Nature’s handiwork.  Specifically, we looked at the mess humans caused by adjusting natural beach patterns in Bayocean, Oregon, Grand Marais, Michigan, and the Lakeshore Boulevard beach front in Marquette, Michigan.  In this segment, we will […]

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