AstroCal for March 2021

    We start this month with the planets visible in the morning sky.  Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn can be seen low in the ESE forty minutes before sunrise.  Mercury will drop lower each day and be lost in the Sun’s glare by mid-month.  The two Gas Giants will climb higher each day.  Since their historic close […]

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FTV: More Wood Stories

       At the time the first part of FTV:  Wood Stories (published 3-11-20) was being written, we were in the process of having a large Silver Poplar tree removed from our side yard.  When our house was originally built, the owner had planted three of these trees along with a couple of Spruce trees in […]

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FTV: Brian Jones

       Try to remember the first time you saw The Rolling Stones on TV or an album cover.  While reading Paul Trynka’s book Brian Jones:  The Making of the Rolling Stones (Viking Press, 2014) I went back and found a YouTube video of their debut appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show from October of 1964.  […]

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FTV: Hard Knocks

       The human body is a remarkable machine.  Our built-in self-repair mechanisms are tested throughout one’s life and looking back, I can only wonder why humans are so determined to thoroughly test the limits of these systems.  My father and mother both smoked when I was growing up.  Thankfully, my mother quit cold turkey when […]

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FTV: Water Wars

  In the fall of 2020, my buddy John Fischer asked me to Google “Great Lakes water diversions” and let him know what I thought of the first article that popped up.  It told the tale of a project (started in Ontario, Canada in 1925) to dam rivers just north of the Lake Superior / Hudson […]

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FTV: Ronnie Milsaps

       No need to tell me that I spelled his name wrong in the title.  When his first record came out on the small Princess label, Ronnie Milsaps was thrilled.  Then he ‘read’ a review in the Atlanta newspaper.  They said nice things about the record, but had dropped the last ‘s’ from his name.  […]

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