AstroCal – December 2022

       For the first time in many months, ALL of the planets will be visible in December’s night sky.  Venus and Mercury will begin the month deep in the Sun’s glare, but all the rest will start the month spread across the night sky.  Naked-eye planets (that can be seen without the need of binoculars […]

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From the Vaults: VOA – a special on line commentary

       VOICE OF AMERICA BEGINS ROHINGYA LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING – A Commentary by VOA Director Amanda Bennett:  “Voice of America has launched its first radio program in Rohingya, the language of more than 800,000 refugees who fled Myanmar and are living in camps across the border in Bangladesh.      Many international organizations are working to provide the […]

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FTV: American Railroads

            Like most of the tales told by Simon Winchester in his book The Men Who United The States – America’s Explorers, Inventors, Eccentrics, and Mavericks, and the Creation of One Nation, Indivisible (2013 – HarperCollins), the story of American railroads does not begin with trains.  One has to go back a little further in […]

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AstroCal – November 2022

       By the time you read this, we will only be five days from the Total Lunar Eclipse that will happen during the Full Moon of November 8.  You will need to be an early riser to see this one as totality is scheduled to being at 5:16 a.m. and will last until 6:42 a.m. […]

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FTV: The Canal Era

     It would have made a great answer on Jeopardy.  For all we know, maybe it was:  “I will take MAP WORDS for $200, Alex.”  “An instrument used for measuring curved lines on a map.”  “Buzz – What is an ‘opisometer’, Alex”  “Correct!”  According to Merriam-Webster (defining words since 1828!), the pronunciation is rendered as ‘op-i-som-e-ter’  […]

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