AstroCal – March 2024

       We begin March with the evening planets.  Jupiter has been the star of the show, so to speak,  as it has been visible crossing the night sky all winter.  As March begins, look for this gas giant planet high in the west.  It will continue to drop lower in the sky as the month […]

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From the Vaults – History . . .

       Before I decided that Geography and Earth Science were going to be my major areas of study in college, History was also in my top three areas of interest.  The maps of historic migrations, battles, and geographical provinces included in the text books we used from elementary school through high school fascinated me to […]

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We will be working on installing the new ARRAKIS H10 Board on THURSDAY 1-25-24 so we will not be on the air until we get everything wired in and tested – good wishes and prayer always accepted. The REMC folks will be transitioning our web page to a new server in the near future so […]

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AstroCal – February 2024

       Has winter finally descended  upon us as of February 1, 2024?  As this is being written, the first true winter-like weather is finally blanketing the Ontonagon area with enough snow to finally cover the mower lines still visible in neighboring yards.  According to Keweenaw Reports, the last time the Copper Country had this little […]

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From the Vaults: The Moon

       The power of the internet is revealed in the things people post and repost without actually considering the source.  I recently saw a post where someone cited NASA astronaut (and second human to walk on the Moon) Buzz Aldrin’s inclusion in Transformers – The Dark Side of the Moon movie (2011) as a kind […]

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FTV: How Did That Happen?

Growing up, we had dogs for more years than we did not. The first one I remember was a purebred Black Lab named Duke. I learned later that ‘Duke’ was a shortened version of his full name that sounded more like a loyal English subject of high ranking, but neither my mother or father could […]

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