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FTV: The Huron Mtn Open

       Growing up only two blocks north of the tennis courts located at the Marquette Senior High building gave me plenty of opportunities to play tennis.  There were four more courts between the NMU dorms and the National Guard Armory just north of our house and many public courts sprinkled across town.  Taking two free […]

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VOTING IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 – A Public Service Editorial WOAS-FM is an educational-public service station and as such, we tend to stay away from ‘taking sides’ in political matters.  The ‘educational’ part of our mission includes airing many Public Service Announcements with themes concerning ‘public wellness’.  It is with this intent we reprint […]

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FTV: Jeff Lynn

       Surely you have seen pictures of Jeff Lynne.  As the leader of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), there was a period of time when his face adorned publications as varied as Rolling Stone, Melody Maker, Time, Newsweek, and even People.  With his curly halo of dark hair, neatly trimmed beard, trademark aviator shades, and […]

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SONCO needs you!

SONCO SPOTLIGHT (Submitted by Christine Raisanen, Secretary, SONCO Board of Directors) HISTORY On August 4, 2020, citizens of Ontonagon County will have the opportunity to support vital emergency medical services by voting for SONCO Ambulance’s millage proposal. This millage is the primary funding source for the volunteer ambulance service. Did you know that the seven […]

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FTV: More About Plastics

     Previously in this column, we covered some of the history of plastics and how pervasive this material has become in all of our lives.  As I delved deeper into Susan Freinkel’s book “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2001), the more alarmed I became.  In the previous article (FTV:  Waste Not, Want Not […]

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WOAS-FM 88.5 would like to take a minute to acknowledge the student DJs who comprised the day shift this past year.  While it is disappointing that they were not able to finish the year because of the you-know-what pandemic, they progressed rapidly in their radio skills and we will miss the graduating seniors.  We wish […]

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