Monthly Archives: October 2018

FTV: Uncle Walter

      “And that’s the way it is.”  For some reason this phrase used to irk my brother Ron.  Any time he heard this phrase, he would snarl, “No, that’s the way you SAY it is.”  I am still not sure why this riled Ron up, but coming from Walter Cronkite at the end of his […]

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FTV: Halloween Carnival

Raisanen, I have run two carnivals so now it is your turn.”  So said my Junior High Student Council co-advisor and field trip taking buddy Bruce Johanson back in October of 1980.  I am not totally sure what makes Finlanders sign up for the long haul on every project that they get involved with, but […]

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From the Vaults: A Tough Business

Now the title of this FTV is pretty generic.  It could apply to just about any endeavour, but with my background as a Geography/Earth Science teacher, it won’t surprise you that I am talking about science.  Perhaps it is just a force of habit, but one of the first books I read after retirement set […]

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FTV: Alligator Records

      Bruce Iglauer isn’t exactly a household name.  If one isn’t a blues music fan, Alligator Records probably won’t ring many bells either.  During the past couple of years, there has been a profound transition in the music business and Alligator Records is, by Iglauer’s estimation, lucky to still be hanging around at all, let […]

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