From the Vaults

Musical ramblings from the manager

FTV: Strike it Rich!

     One of my favorite displays at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum outside of Negaunee is housed behind the door of an old bank vault.  There is a graph inside showing how much money was generated by all of the big mineral rushes that swept this young nation.  Manifest Destiny compelled the government to expand the […]

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FTV: The Golf Ball Caper

       If the statute of limitations for trespassing is six years (and yes, I looked it up for the sake of accuracy), it is probably okay for me to tell this story nearly fifty years after the fact.  Sticking with first names will suffice to tell the following tale so nobody will be put on […]

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AstroCal – October 2021

     October looks to be an excellent month for planetary viewing.  Just to make sure our lunar companion does not get short shrift, we will start this AstroCal with a little about the Hunter’s Moon which will take place on October 20.  According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the convention of naming seasonal Moons in North America […]

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FTV: The Rocket’s Red Glare

       Model Rocketry became our hobby when my brother and I witnessed one of our Norway Avenue neighbors launch a Centuri brand model rocket in the field across from our house.  We dove in feet first and spent five years poking holes in the sky before Ron graduated from college and left for a year […]

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