Monthly Archives: March 2019

From the Vaults: Stealing

      Stealing or borrowing?  I have been trying to decide whether my teaching career had been one based on ‘stealing’ or ‘borrowing’ ideas.  Of course I could sound noble and say I was “recycling ideas” in the classroom, but that flies in the face of everything I have be taught about finding and using other […]

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From the Vaults: Uncle Walter

 “And that’s the way it is.”  For some reason this phrase used to irk my brother Ron.  Any time he heard this phrase, he would snarl, “No, that’s the way you SAY it is.”  I am still not sure why this riled Ron up, but coming from Walter Cronkite at the end of his daily […]

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FTV: Queen

    Looking back over the past fifty years of rock music, a lot of great bands have come and gone.  A few of them became gigantically successful and, amazingly, some are still out there rocking. Back when The Who sang, “I hope I die before I get old”,  odds are that none of the bands populating […]

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