Monthly Archives: November 2021

AstroCal – December 2021

       We will begin this month’s tour of astronomical happenings with the planets visible in the south-southwest and southwestern sky at dusk.  The brightest is Venus (magnitude – 4.7 on Dec 1 and -4.4 Dec 31) and located closest to the horizon to the lower right of Jupiter (mag. -4.7) and Saturn (mag. +1.5).  All […]

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From the Vaults: No TV!

       In one of the earlier segments of The Simpsons Tree House of Horrors, they do an extremely funny lampooning of The Shining (the Jack Nicholson version, only here called The Shinning).  After Marge discovers Homer’s writing consists of nothing more sinister than, “Feeling fine,”  she expresses cautious optimism about the situation.  A sudden flash […]

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