Monthly Archives: January 2023

AstroCal – February 2023

       Hold the phone!  February begins as January ended with the exciting opportunity to see a deep space comet that last passed our neighborhood some 50,000 years ago.  There are already copious numbers of photos plastered all over the internet of what is being called ‘The Green Comet’ due to its greenish hue.  Comet C/2022 […]

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WOAS-FM Receives S4SD Grant

Above from upper left – clockwise – The 2022-23 core group who will run the 8th version of the S4SD – DbD8 program with the $1100 grant WOAS recently received – upper right – Some of the DbD7 crew with the State Police Community Service Officer who brought the driving simulator to the Ontonagon Area […]

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FTV: That Was Close!

       The working title of this FTV started out as a take on Agent Maxwell Smart’s iconic line, “Missed it by that much” from the espionage comedy Get Smart.  Upon further inspection, it just didn’t seem to feel quite right.  The working premise here is close calls astronauts had before, during, and after their training.  […]

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FTV: YOOR-un-us

       When the new Marquette Senior High School opened for the 1964-65 school year, people were still asking, “Why do they need a planetarium?”  The popular rumor at the time was the school board ran out of funds and modified the building plans as the structure began to take shape.  When the available money was […]

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