AstroCal – July 2022

       After a couple of months with no evening planets gracing our skies, both Mercury and Saturn will make their appearance late in the month.  It will be a bit of a viewing challenge, but on July 29, Mercury will appear just below the very young Crescent Moon in the WNW 20 minutes after sunset.  […]

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FTV: Wild and Crazy Guys

       We have discussed some of the Saturday Night Live crew previously so it seemed high time to shine the light on some of the others players who revolutionized comedy in the 1980s.  We have already covered Dan Aykroyd (FTV:  Dan Aykroyd 4-1-20) and Steve Martin (FTV:  Wild & Crazy Guy Part 1 & 2;  […]

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FTV: Snowmobile Adventures

       Perhaps it would be closer to the point if I entitled this FTV ‘Historical Snowmobiling Adventures’ as I haven’t ridden one since our kids were in elementary school.  Grandpa Ed (my dad) always kept a Ski-doo Elan at camp he called ‘the kid’s machine’ so they could take a spin when we stopped by.  […]

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