FTV:  Weird, Wonderful, & Obscure

     Those who know me best find the easiest gift giving solution to send my way for birthdays or Christmas are books, music, or more books.  While sorting through last year’s stash of new reading material, I happened upon a 2019 book by Kath Usitalo:  Secret Upper Peninsula – A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and […]

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FTV: Out to Lunch

           A toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup have always been one of my favorite lunches (and don’t skimp on the oyster crackers).  The last time I sat down to this particular meal, I realized my general enjoyment of lunch goes back to elementary school.  Growing up a block away from Willard […]

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FTV: Say What?

       First the disclaimer:  I use a cell phone, the internet, email, and frequently do online research.  I also read books, magazines, and newspapers (real, paper based, non-electronically delivered books, magazines, and newspapers).  I also watch and/or listen to the broadcast news.  By choice, I do not have a personal social media account, therefore, I […]

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FTV: Speaking of Libraries . . .

       My source for what “National This or That Day” it is, the Jan Tucker Show, planted the idea for this FTV when Jan mentioned that one of the things designated for April 4 is ‘National School Library Day’.  With only so many days in a calendar year, there are usually multiple ‘National This or […]

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FTV: Robert Weston Smith

    Robert Weston Smith.  Does the name ring any bells?  No?  How about Big Smith and the Records?  Daddy Jules?  I will give you a couple of hints:  If you have seen the movie American Graffiti or reruns of the TV show The Midnight Special or heard Bob Smith’s, “Have Mercy!” catch phrase, then you might […]

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FTV: Cookin’ With Gas

       In the summer of 1974, Professor Pat Farrell was both my instructor and boss at Northern Michigan University’s Field Station just south of Melstrand, Michigan.  All Geography majors were required to take a class called Field Studies to give us boots on the ground experience using tools of the mapping trade.  My undergraduate advisor, […]

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