FTV: Driver’s Ed

       “Okay,” my father said, “Push in the clutch, pull out the choke, turn the key, and step on the starter pedal.”  When the engine came to life, he had me adjust the choke until the engine was idling smoothly and then continued:  “Now put the shift down into first like I showed you.  Give […]

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FTV: Geological Ramblings

       The late Tom Hartzell and I were having a discussion about the Pacific Northwest in the lunchroom one day.  Tom mentioned he and his wife would be vacationing there in the near future, so I took the opportunity to ask him a little favor.  I said, “Well, if you happen to find an ashtray […]

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FTV: ‘Toons – Vol. 1

       Cartoons have been one of my life-long obsessions.  I don’t mean ‘obsession’ as in ‘I collect them’, I just love reading them.  Since the first days I picked up the Marquette Mining Journal, my habit has been to start with the comic page.  In the past, I have mentioned that the MMJ comics were […]

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