FTV: The Rocket’s Red Glare

       Model Rocketry became our hobby when my brother and I witnessed one of our Norway Avenue neighbors launch a Centuri brand model rocket in the field across from our house.  We dove in feet first and spent five years poking holes in the sky before Ron graduated from college and left for a year […]

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FTV: Volunteers of America

       While researching information about Woodstock, I hit upon a video of the Jefferson Airplane performing their song Volunteers.  Like any good earworm chorus, the ‘Volunteers of America’ got stuck in my head.  One thing led to another and the constant recycling of the lyric started touching off random memories connected with the word ‘volunteer’.  […]

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FTV:  Weird, Wonderful, & Obscure

     Those who know me best find the easiest gift giving solution to send my way for birthdays or Christmas are books, music, or more books.  While sorting through last year’s stash of new reading material, I happened upon a 2019 book by Kath Usitalo:  Secret Upper Peninsula – A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and […]

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FTV: Out to Lunch

           A toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup have always been one of my favorite lunches (and don’t skimp on the oyster crackers).  The last time I sat down to this particular meal, I realized my general enjoyment of lunch goes back to elementary school.  Growing up a block away from Willard […]

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FTV: Say What?

       First the disclaimer:  I use a cell phone, the internet, email, and frequently do online research.  I also read books, magazines, and newspapers (real, paper based, non-electronically delivered books, magazines, and newspapers).  I also watch and/or listen to the broadcast news.  By choice, I do not have a personal social media account, therefore, I […]

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