Monthly Archives: August 2023

AstroCal – September 2023

       Start your observations for September in the eastern sky in the hours before sunrise.  Venus and Jupiter will be easy to find shining at -4.8 and -2.5, respectively.  They will be the brightest objects in the sky not counting the Full Moon and the Sun.  Venus will be due east in the lower part […]

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FTV: Dick Clark

       Dick Clark may have left this mortal coil in 2012, but it is a fair bet if one hears the phrase, ‘America’s oldest living teen-ager’, his smiling face will come to mind.  Born on November 11, 1929, he was perfectly positioned to transition from the golden age of radio into that new fangled home […]

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From the Vaults: Why S4SD?

       This fall, WOAS-FM will be applying for another $1000 grant co-sponsored by the State of Michigan and the Ford Motor Company.  Perhaps you have saw the gold and red ‘Strive for a Safer Drive – Don’t be Distracted’ banners adorning the ‘Welcome to Ontonagon’ signs at the village entry points on US 45 and […]

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