August 5, 2023

WOAS FM Transmitter Fund Update

Quick update -The full story of John Carlisle and Ryan Garza from the Detroit Free Press visiting WOAS-FM to do a story on the station and our need for a new transmitter is out there.  The Free Press posted the link for one day and now it comes up asking you to subscribe to view it.  It has been posted elsewhere and edited on other sites (like the Marquette Mining Journal) and eventually we will find a way to steer you to John’s full (and excellent account).

Since it posted on July 13, I have been flooded with calls and emails about our story.  Mitch Albom (also from Free Press) called and put us on the air for ten minutes on his talk show on WRJ AM in Detroit – the next day. as stringer from NBC Universal called for information – you might end up seeing out ‘feel good story’ on the NBC Nightly News.   Thank you to Fred Jacobs for sending the link to his take on the subject!  KER @ WOAS-FM     


Newest info:

We will not be able to thank everyone who has contributed since the Freep article came out, but Dan M from who visits Ontonagon needs a shout out – Dan is a lawyer who lived in Ontonagon until age 12, moved away, but still summers here.  Dan kindly posted our story to his network of friends and acquaintances setting off another flurry of donations.  Thanks to all our new supporters (including folks from all over Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Mexico, and California), we have been able to order our new transmitter and are continuing our search for a new frequency.

The newest wrinkle came when we informed that the group that bought 88.5 at auction will not be able to move forward with their project until next spring.  This gives us additional time to explore new frequencies and once one is granted, we will have access to it for a three year period.

What does this mean?  It means we will be installing our new transmitter and continue to broadcast at 88.5 until we can’t – then we will be changing to whatever frequency we are granted.  Increasing our power with the new transmitter will allow us to apply for a Class A license when a window to apply for that class opens.  That would insure we won’t get bumped again.  Stay tuned – we are still here and will be on 88.5 until further notice – when the move is made – we will give you plenty of warning!

Thank you again for your support and kind words – we are happily making lemonade from lemons.  We will update you on the whole fundraising journey sometime later in the fall!  Best regards – KRaisanen, WOAS GM


Top Piece Video – We would like to second Joe Walsh’s sentiments – without airing any dirty laundry.  Thanks for sobering up Joe!