Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hollywood Vampires

Hmmm – supergroup . . . a term usually fraught with uncertainty.  Clashing egos!  Unmanagable mayhem! With that said, what I have seen of the Hollywood Vampires isn’t so bad.  It is kind of intersting to see Joe Perry channeling Keef!  Check them out and see what you think!  ker

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WOAS-FM DJ Update: Brady Guilbault

When we last heard Brady Guilbault on the air in Ontonagon, he was part of a multiheaded radio hydra we affectionately called Let’s Be Honest.  Brady and crew signed on as part of thier Senior Service Project class and began charting new territory for WOAS-FM.  They may have gotten the original idea from working with […]

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FTV: Leaving Orbit

    I will give you fair warning – this installment of FTV will not be about music.  It is about a book, and I will further warn you that it is not a book about music, musicians, or MTV.  This isn’t a book review, either.   It is more of a commentary on the topic […]

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