Monthly Archives: December 2023

FTV: How Did That Happen?

Growing up, we had dogs for more years than we did not. The first one I remember was a purebred Black Lab named Duke. I learned later that ‘Duke’ was a shortened version of his full name that sounded more like a loyal English subject of high ranking, but neither my mother or father could […]

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AstroCal – January 2024

Happy New Year! You can begin your observing for the new year in the early morning hours of January 1 – 40 minutes before sunrise -4.0 magnitude Venus will be shining brightly in the SE. Venus will be at superior conjunction on the far side of the Sun on June 4 so we will see […]

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From the Vaults: Brad Whitford

       Remember Rodney Dangerfield’s most famous catch phrase?  Rodney built entire routines around the phrase, “I don’t get no respect.”  Catching up with guitarist Brad Whitford on the eve of Aerosmith’s ‘Peace Out’ world tour, the phrase kept popping into my head.  I am not saying Whitford is disrespected by his bandmates.  No, the negative […]

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FTV: Selling Mags

  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was introduced to the art of selling magazines.  Having never been in love with fundraising (particularly the kind done to fund school projects), I was a little dismayed when a colleague of mine dropped a box of paperwork on my desk and said, “Here, it is […]

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