Monthly Archives: November 2023

FTV: Mythical Beasts

     No, I am not thinking about the Wykon or the Hodag.  If you are wondering, the first is the school mascot for the West Iron County (Michigan) school district and the latter is a tourist attraction who roams the forests somewhere in the northern counties of Wisconsin.  No, what I have in mind are the […]

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AstroCal – December 2023

       Having recently flip-flopped our clocks with the end of Daylight Saving Time, we will not have to hear the endless debates about ‘should we keep DST’ or ‘should we drop DST’ until the next ‘spring ahead’ on March 10, 2024.  Having previously shared my biased opinion that I would just as soon stay on […]

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Almost there . . . .

We finally have a new server for the website – our techie Preston is on paternity leave and my wife suffered a serious health issue on October 28 (she is recovering and thank you for your kind words and prayers) but for some strange reason, getting our Twitch feed back on line has seemed […]

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The New Oasis

    Raise your hands if you remember the Ontonagon Area Schools’ in-house store called The Oasis.  If you remember it, dig back a little farther and try to remember why it was called The Oasis to begin with.  Many, many former students and staff remember the store, but so far, no one has been able to […]

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