November 10, 2023

Almost there . . . .

We finally have a new server for the website – our techie Preston is on paternity leave and my wife suffered a serious health issue on October 28 (she is recovering and thank you for your kind words and prayers) but for some strange reason, getting our Twitch feed back on line has seemed less important over the past couple of weeks . . .

With that said, we hope to restore the audio and video feeds to the website before too long.

Secondly, thank you for those of you have bombarded me with texts, phone calls, and emails about the piece run on NBC Nightly News on Nov 9 about WOAS – go to and search for ‘WOAS’ and it will bring you to the four minute on line version.  A full account of the four person NBC crew that came here on October 13 to film the segment will appear in this space and in the ONTONAGON HERALD’s November 22 issue.

Last of all, let me renew my thanks to the day and evening shifts for taking the station’s operations in hand when my wife and I were in Wausau and during her recovery – it was great to know the station ran without me having to worry about it when there were other fish to fry.  At some point we can get into the rest of the story, but suffice to say we are grateful of the blessings we find in a local hospital that serves as more than a ‘band aide’ station – that my wife is still here is a testament to their care and skills.     Ken Raisanen   WOAS-FM  GM

Top Piece Video:  Live Aide and Brother Paul – couldn’t say it better – we are blessed for the care my wife received at AOH!