Monthly Archives: December 2022

FTV: Who Knew?

       There are so many things to learn.  As a retired teacher, I still marvel at the volume of knowledge waiting out there to be absorbed.  As I frequently told my students, “The key to life is to learn something new every day.”  Many times, when some new piece of information comes my way, my […]

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AstroCal – January 2023

       Happy New Year – here is a small and slightly late Christmas present:  As of January 1, we have now regained 6 percent of our lost daylight hours.  We won’t really notice the ‘extra daylight’ for a couple of weeks, but rest assured, the Sun is inching higher in the sky each day and […]

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FTV: Apollo 17

           Fifty years ago this month, Apollo 17 astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt made the last manned landing on the Moon while Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans kept vigil in Lunar orbit.  The mission itself took place December 7-19, 1972, but was the culmination of President John F. Kennedy’s bold statement that the United […]

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AstroCal – December 2022

       For the first time in many months, ALL of the planets will be visible in December’s night sky.  Venus and Mercury will begin the month deep in the Sun’s glare, but all the rest will start the month spread across the night sky.  Naked-eye planets (that can be seen without the need of binoculars […]

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