Monthly Archives: December 2021

AstroCal – January 2022

       Happy New Year!  January kicks off the Lunar Cycle with a New Moon taking place on Sunday January 2.  The Young Crescent Moon will greet 2022 in the early twilight of January 3.  Look for it very close to the SW horizon and watch it rise a little higher each evening.  You can track […]

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FTV: Bell or Edison? Part 2

       In Part 1, we asked whether Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Alva Edison should be given credit for having the most profound effect on our modern world.  Having made the case for Bell, it is now time to examine the evidence for the fabled Wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Alva Edison, to wear the […]

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FTV: Bell or Edison?

     Speaking strictly from our point of view in the year 2021, given all of the amazing devices we have (literally) at our fingertips, which of the two men mentioned in the title above deserves the highest accolades for influencing our world?  Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Alva Edison?  Perhaps I can help you make a […]

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