March 24, 2020

Still off the air . . .

Greetings – We had an idea we could do some limited broadcasting and advertise the school district food distribution program – then Gov. Whitmer asked for a longer period of physical separation. We are taking this seriously so we are probably off the air until at least April 14, 2020. If it is possible to come back and do some PSA stuff about the school programs, we will – but seems prudent for now to hunker down and do our part.*

Stay well, follow the guidelines, and have patience – we will survive and thrive again soon – WUPY Y101 and the local media are doing a great job advertising closures and food schedules! Best regards – ker @ woas-fm

We will continue to post new From the Vaults in the mean time!

*UPDATE – we have been given permission to be on the air as long as no one besides me is in the studio – I have to sanitize the joint and get our grant forms filed, so we will be on the air in a limited capacity – tune in for updates on the food distribution hours etc. KER

Top Piece Video: Sticking with the girl groups theme . . .