November 9, 2018

A funny thing happened to our web feed . . .

Okay, not so much funny, but maybe ‘funny’ as in ‘annoying’ – sometime last broadcast year, our UStream video disappeared.  It took a lot of time (and some help from our helpful techie friends at the ISD in Hancock) to find out that the free service had been dropped (would it have hurt to actually tell us that is was going away?) leaving us with the option of a $100 per month service we could not afford.

After crashing around a bit with limited success, the techies again road to our rescue and hooked us up with Twitch TV – now when you hit the WATCH LIVE link, you will actually see us again!  God Bless America, what would we do without REMC Support Services?

If you haven’t heard, I am retired from my full time teaching gig after 43 years of service and my only duty these days is as the volunteer Manager of WOAS-FM . . . once I clear the last of the detritus that got stuck in boxes in the radio lab when I had to vacate my old classroom by July 1, I am looking forward to learning more about WordPress and the marvelous little widgets that will improve our web presence.

Until then, keep it tuned to 88.5 FM or visit us at www.woas-fm (which I guess you are already doing if you are reading this . . .) and check out our restored video feed!  Now if we can get a link embedded for our outdoor web cam . . . life will be great!  Again!

Look for new music from the likes of Uriah Heep, Donna the Buffalo, Randy Bachman, Joe Bonamassa and MORE on YOUR SOUND CHOICE!  Comments and correspondence are always welcome.  Best regards!


Top Piece video – sorry, no video but here is the one original song that bookends Randy Bachmans tribute to George Harrison on his new album By George By Bachman