January 23, 2021

FTV: Guardian Angel (Web only)


     The Christmas Cards sent out this year included the usual ‘Season’s Greetings’ but an added sentiment there are no emojis for:  ‘Here is to a brighter 2021.’  Peggy James seems to have an uncanny knack for writing music to fit my feelings – think ‘musical emoji on demand’.  Gary Tanin at Daystorm Music sent along the first 2021 single release for Peggy James, Guardian Angel and she has nailed it again.

     James plans to release a string of singles in 2021, culminating with a full length LP in Q3 of 2021.. The single Guardian Angel, releases January 15th via all digital formats on Happy Growl Records.

     When Hard Times,  James’ last single of 2020, came our way in the fall, we likened it to musical therapy:  just what we needed to get through the last months of the presidential campaign.  If Hard Times found Peggy in ‘therapist’ mode, surely Guardian Angel brings out another persona –  ‘street preacher’.  

     The lyrics delivered over a bed of strings state how everyone feels after the beat down of the last year.  With the galloping drums that enter around the 1:20 mark bring you up – ‘Guardian Angel guide me tonight through the streets of this town’.  ‘All I’ve got left is my soul, fragile as glass, so easy to break’, isn’t the downer it looks like in print.   It is a sober realization that we need to overcome the darkness with a little help.  The entire song’s profound narrative is delivered with Peggy’s angel clear voice.  How can we feel lost in the world’s struggles when we have someone like Peggy James to plead our case with a Guardian Angel?

     There are many reasons I am looking forward to the stalled time frame of 2020 to speed up through the early months of 2021, but the release of Peggy’s full length LP in Q3 vaults to the top of the list, right under ‘vaccine’ and ‘normalizing’.

Top Piece Video:  Sorry, got around to posting this later than planned, but in the excitement of getting our dayshift on the air and kicking off this year’s Strive 4 a Safer Drive PSA campaign, I let Peggy’s magnificent new tune slip through the cracks – never too late to get a dose of ‘HOPE’!