September 29, 2023

Web Feed and Fundraising Update

Greetings – things are taking shape – we are running our new transmitter at 88.5 at 50 watts until we get the new equipment bay here – due to arrive in Mid-October.  Moving the electronics from the hard to reach upper shelf where they have been since our last remodel in 1998 will make things easier to service AND give us back some much needed storage / sorting space.

Our web server is in the process of being replaced – we had a big power failure here a couple of weeks ago and while our backup power kept the web site active, it knocked our part of the operating system.  You can access the web site and read this, but I can not log on to the machine to reset the audio and video feed on Twitch.  Our techie Preston is working on getting our new unit in service ASAP – in the meantime, our apologies to those of you who like to tune in for the live action at

Here is the final TY we will be running in the Ontonagon Herald, on WUPY-FM Y101 and on WOAS-FM 88.5:

Thank You !

To the 81 organizations & individuals who donated more than 

$19,000 to the WOAS-FM transmitter and studio fund between 

April and September 2023. 

Also thanks to the Ontonagon Herald, WUPY – Y101 FM, The Detroit Free Press,

& WJR AM. We can not thank you enough for your generosity and support.

Ken Raisanen, GM, WOAS-FM 88.5


Top Piece Video:  Here are Page and Plant helping us say Thank You!