June 15, 2024

Thank you VOLUNTEERS for 46 Great Years at 88.5

Okay future trivia players.  The last live DJ heard on WOAS FM 88.5 was…the photo is a hint.  Friday night DJ Lee ‘The Night flyer’ McCaffrey signed the station off at 10 p.m. on Friday June 14, 2024.

     The paper work for a new frequency is being filed at this time so we won’t tempt fate and tell you what it is until it is approved.  Suffice to say we had a good 46 year run at 88.5 and as soon as we know where we will land for the 2024-25 broadcast year, we will let you know.
This is not the end of WOAS FM, just the start of the next chapter.  Have a great summer and look for us to be back sometime in mid-August