August 16, 2018

FTV: Fall approaches!

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701 Parker Ave.   Ontonagon, MI  49953

 Phone: 906 813 0614 Ext 113

Welcome to YOUR SOUND CHOICE!  The fall 2018 broadcast schedule is almost upon us – new things await, some old problems left to fix – but the great news is I survived my 30 day bonafide break in service from the school district (which meant I couldn’t even come into the school or station for all of July – no, I don’t know why they do this) and tacked on another eight days while I was visiting the West Coast Bureau in hot and smokey Eugene, OR.

I have set up shop to work out of the radio lab now and with retirement, I now have no excuses left to not get things sorted and ship shape.  Thank you to all who wished me well or just said ‘thank you’ when I finished up my 43 years in the classroom, but there is still a lot I want to accomplish with WOAS-FM.  Hang on to your hats – there is new music to play and reviews to write – but first things first, Porcupine Mountain Music Festival #14 is right around the bend.  The Singing Hills stage is no more (more on this in a future FTV) so I won’t have an emcee gig anymore, but I will be working with the stage set up crew so look for me on the side of the main stage!  See you soon!!

If you are a regular listener, it would be great to hear from you – drop me an e-mail with the particulars (who are you, where do you live, and when you listen to WOAS-FM) at the address above.  We like to hear from our listeners and viewers.  Better yet, stop by and say hey!

ker – GM


Our Friends at the HomeGrownMusicNet (HGMN) gave us permission to share links to their streaming tunes.  Thanks Lee – also check out their website for great artist news and purchase opportunities:

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Ken Raisanen, Manager

Words to live by:

Tom Constanten [short-lived pianist with the Grateful Dead] once said, “Dark Star is going on all the time. It’s going on right now. You don’t begin it so much as enter it. You don’t end it so much as leave it.”  – from Todd Gauthier, WOAS West Coast Bureau {Guess who will be performing at the University of Oregon’s Autzen Statium in June of 2018 . . .}

(Contemplating Hitler and Stalin in 1943):  “If the Leader says of such and such an event, ‘It never happened” – well it never happened.  If he says that two and two are five – well, two and two are five.  This prospect frightens me more than bombs.” – George Orwell  (and I guess we can also now worry about the bombs again – ker)

“‘I don’t need newspapers, I get my news from the internet’  is just like saying,  ‘I don’t need farmers, I get my food from the grocery store’. ” –  from the Munising News (thank you to the ‘original Willie Peterson’)

“If you want to show everyone how smart you are, shut up once and a while” – Eddie R. Raisanen (and he said this long before anyone even heard of the Donald and tweeting was for the birds)

“Remember –  there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” -Scott Adams

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods;  they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

“It’s not going to do any good to land on Mars if we’re stupid.” – Ray Bradbury

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clark

Top Piece Video – Charlie Parr took a digger and had to cancel his PMMF gig – I believe that Jack Broadbent is the slide guy who will take his place – Joe Bonamassa likes him and so do I!