February 5, 2019

The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis

Greetings Great Lakes fans:

I recently made contact with author Jerry Dennis about using a segment of his boot The Living Great Lakes in a future article.  Dennis graduated from Northern Michigan University and now lives in Traverse City, MI.

When he answered my inquiry (affirmatively I should add), he also mentioned that The Living Great Lakes was just named one of the Two Communities Two Books selections for this year in Marquette and Munising (the other selection is a terrific book of poems, Harborless by Cindy Hunter Morgan.  He will be in both towns in mid-September to speak to students and the public.

If you have an interest in The Great Lakes, let me encourage you to check it the book and/or m,ake plans to hear his presentation in September (Date and times TBA) –   ker


Top Piece Video:  Gordon doing one of his best Great Lakes songs live . . .