July 1, 2020

Where is the music?

We have entered the ‘July hiatus’ – meaning I may finally get through all the junk that got stashed in the studio when I retired on July 1, 2018.  I have actually made great progress during the COVID-19 shutdown – it seems like it is easier to get things done when you are the only one in the studio.

What does the future bring?  Do you have a crystal ball?  Were they part of the same deal that said we would all be driving flying cars and personal jet packs by 2000?  Until this settles down and a vaccine or bonafide treatment that works for this virus is found, we can only do the safe things: distancing, hand washing, mask wearing (where appropriate) and be sure to LISTEN TO THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!   As with any national crisis, there are enough nut jobs out there spreading nonsensical and untrue information that we must all guard against making things worse by pretending everything will magically get better!

Michigan was spot on when they jumped all over the problem when the first two cases were reported in Detroit.  This virus does not support one side or the other, it does not respond to violence or AK-47s, it will not leave you alone if you take foolish chances.  Ontonagon, in particular, has been able to avoid any substantiated cases so far by doing the right things.  Tourism and people traveling to other places can quickly undo our low number of Upper Peninsula wide cases.   Acting like the virus is already here is still our best course of action.  As things pan out and how we fit into the school program being that will be put into place, we will let you know.  We WILL be on the air in August and beyond.

Take care, stay well, and be smart.  WOAS-FM will return to the airwaves in August.  The website will continue running new From the Vaults and other pertinent information while we are dark.  Please back track a bit in the FTV archives and read our Public Service information about Voting in the time of COVID and about the upcoming SONCO ambulance millage (most folks do not know how close we came to losing both our hospital and ambulance services in the past – hopefully this information will help the renewal and slight increase being asked for by SONCO).  ker, GM

Top Piece Video:  Off the air for a month, but we sill have THE SPIRIT OF RADIO!