April 23, 2016

Where art thou, Dennis Bellinger?

News travels slowly to the north end of US 45.  Several weeks ago, I was looking at the doings of the Rusty Wright Band and noticed that our old friend Dennis Bellinger was not with the band any more.  “Humph, I will have to check this out,” I said to myself.  YouTube to the rescue as I found the top piece video and several more to confirm that Dennis B is again touring with his fellow Flint area native and old friend Mark Farner as part of his N’r’G band.

As we had noted in a previous FTV, Dennis had been part of the reunited Grand Funk Railroad for two albums in the early 1980s (Grand Fiunk Lives! & What’s Funk?) before family stuff compelled him to get off the tour bus.  We had a nice discussion about this when he made his first visit to Ontonagon with the RWB and he emphasized how great Mark Farner was to work with as both a musician and a friend.  We were unhappy to see him leave the RWB, but happily surprised to see him back with Mark Farner’s band.

There FTV segments relative to Dennis B posted on July 7, July 27, 2015, and an article about Dennis himself  was printed in the Ontonagon Herald in January of 2015.

Maybe Dennis can get Mark to bring the band north?  Wouldn’t that be fun!