April 12, 2018

Playing for Change

Greetings – Just got the newest PLAYING for CHANGE CD – while we don’t normally push listeners and readers into causes, this is one that we can’t help but wave the flag for.  If you caught one of the first versions of this concept (Stand By Me was the first one I recall seeing some years ago), then you probably know the project involves live recordings by a diverse stable of musicians from all over the world – crafted into interesting versions of music.  Listen to the Music is the lead off video for this compilation – could not help but notice the Doobie Brothers Patrick Simmons sporting his Packers hat . . .

Memberships can be had for $50 per year or $5 per month, auto renewable and can be canceled any time.  Check out their web site to get more information on how PLAYING for CHANGE is trying to change the world!  ker