April 2, 2019

A request from the Rusty Wright Band

Of course, as a non-commercial station, we don’t push products for sale . . .  however, when the RWB were still based in Michigan, they made several stops in Ontonagon and we were fortunate to have them perform for the OASD student body at the Ontonagon Theater for the Performing Arts.  With that said, we would feel funny not to pass along the following note we received from Rusty and crew now that they are down in Florida:

Hi Ken,
   This is Rusty Wright. The band and I are in the process of recording a NEW album of brand new songs. This will be our first recording with the new line up and since we have moved to Florida. We have 13 songs written, rehearsed and ready to finish. You may have already heard the first new tune “No Man Is An Island” which we released a few months back as a sample of whats to come.

We’re recording at an amazing facility called Clear Track Recording Studio in Clearwater, Florida. This is by far the best studio I have worked in since leaving MI.

   This is the place that will be able to offer us the ability to create the BEST RWB record we’ve done YET! but of course it will require a lot more money to pay for this. We are doing all we can to pay for it as quickly as possible but without some help I’m afraid it will be another year before we can afford to get it done so I’m looking for ways to help raise money for recording.
   Now I realize there are plenty of crowd funding sites and we’ll take advantage of them as best we can but I’m also going to try thinking outside the box in ways that will help without the begging for money. Now of course if any of you happen to be independently wealthy and would like to help support our Blues musical art I’ll be happy to talk, believe me! but I will be putting out some ideas that you can do that will help us without costing you a dime as well as maybe even give you something in return.
IDEA 1:Affiliate fund raiser. I’m using a web browser app called Ebates. It gives me cash back for shopping online. It loads into your chrome web browser and every time you go to a site that they deal with it will pop up and offer you a cash back percentage depending on the deal they have with the company. Sometimes it’s 1% sometimes 3%, 5% or all the way up to 11%!   They tally the amount and every 3 months they send you a REAL honest to God paper check! No lie, I’ve made $151.40 cash back for stuff I would have bought anyway. But here’s how you can help us.
     Ebates hasa referral program.
     Go to this link –
     Sign up and install the app.
     Go shop online at a store they work with. (They work with almost EVERYBODY so it will pop up as soon as you go to a retail website somewhere)
     Spend $25 or more and YOU will get your cash back percentage AND a $10 gift from Ebates for your first purchase and in return WE get a $25 fee from Ebates for referring you.
     So you get cash back and $10 and you help us get $25 for our recording all for shopping online for stuff you probably would buy anyway! Not a bad deal for anyone huh?
     This studio is normally $125 an HOUR but I’ve managed to get a deal for 10 hour blocks at $650 so
if 26 people sign up and use this link we can buy a block of time and go cut more songs. If 100 people sign up and shop we could generate $2500 to RECORD!
     Just go to the link and shop online for $25 and you’ll get your cashback PLUS $10 for signing up and we’ll get $25 from Ebates! What do you say? Please help us SPREAD MUSIC NOT HATE!
I’ll be sending more ideas as I get them figured out and of course you’re welcome to send me anything if you happen to know a good idea to help a struggling independent artist get his Blues to the world.

Here is another avenue of support: GO FUND ME LINK:


THANKS,  Rusty Wright
So there you have it – hope that they get all the help they need because we are looking forward to hearing more new music from the Rusty Wright Band!  ker @ woas-fm
Top Piece Video – A great cover of one of our Grand Funk Railroad favorites – performed by the same line up of the RWB that played in front of the OASD student
body for a show sponsored by WOAS-FM.