September 13, 2020

WOAS Transmitter Update

As of 9-14-20, our transmitter is repaired and we are waiting for it to return for re installation.  The good folks at BEXT gave us a great deal on the bench charges and went out of their way to keep us informed.  That is the good news.

The bad news?  Shipping came to $100 x 2 and the repair added up to $499.99 . . .  to get it back, we were forced to borrow $400 from the shared JHSC / WOAS vending fund to get it returned.  We are, at the moment, $400 in the hole.  It will take some time for us to sell enough product in the vending machines to recoup the repair costs.  Add to that the $400 internet service fee that will come due just before Christmas, and it means we are really $800 in the red ink before we have spent a day on the air.

Perhaps this would be the time to do some form of public fund raising, but we are reluctant to with everyone in the same financial boat due to the you-know-what pandemic that we are still battling.  With that said, I will leave the door open a crack.  If one had a few extra bucks they would care to donate to our war chest, we would be more than grateful.  Donations to WOAS-FM are tax deductible.  Any amount would be of great help – and of course, if one has resources beyond their wildest dreams, we would gladly accept more . . .  (now you know why we try to pay our way via recycling income and a couple of vending machines (which, by the way) are also struggling with school just getting started)).

Donations can be sent to WOAS-FM   701 PARKER AVE   ONTONAGON, MI  49953 made out to Ontonagon Area Schools – WOAS-FM.   We will acknowledge all donations once we have our heads above water, unless you ask your donation to be anonymous.

Thank you for your time – stay well – we look forward to being on the air soon – our web presence will also be brought up to speed once the transmitter is re-installed.   Best regards – K. Raisanen, General Manager  WOAS-FM  88.5

Top Piece Video:  A little help from Sir Paul . . .