November 30, 2020

A slight pause . . .

Last medical update – Daniel’s vision is back to 20/20 with his glasses on…after traveling absolutely no where since early March, the sudden need to put 1500 miles under our belt was necessary, but we are still glad to be past it!  Thank goodness the mild November and early December weather made the three trips to GB a breeze – stay well everyone!  k

Just a heads up – one last check up trip to Green Bay for Daniel’s eye – it is coming along but that means Wed and Thursday on the road this week – with that said, we won’t be broadcasting T, W, or Thu this week – back for Friday pm and evening with Lee M.  Students MAY be back in school for Dec 9, but will not make promises until we see how the Thanksgiving festivities went – hopefully no big COVID spike!

In the meantime, enjoy the top piece video of drum instructor Jay Finchel showing everyone how to get that funky Toto drum sound on their mega hit Rosanna… enjoy!