December 11, 2020

Silence is NOT golden!

Saturday 12-12-20 Update – turns out the problem isn’t so serious with the audio – the last power failure reset the new server to the ‘default’ which is the webcam camera – thanks to Lee’s sharp eared brother for pointing out he could hear us talking in the studio even though the board audio was not in the mix.  Now I just have to learn how to reset the inputs – remembering that I am a ‘user’ not a ‘programmer’ – one knows why I rely on the expert help of Paul and the other ISD techies.  Stay well – see and hear us again – soon!  k

Hope you are enjoying the nice video feed of the studio – but we are still working on the new server… and as these things go, the audio went away yesterday –  not sure way.  Checking the board internals this weekend and will have Paul check the server next week – until then, our apologies for the ‘muteness’ of the broadcast!  Lee deservers better!  Maybe next week!

We have our new power batt replacement ready to install and the new WeatherView program is now in our hands, digitally speaking, so look for a return of the weather data soon!  Stay Well!!  ker