June 26, 2021

It’s a wrap . . .

WOAS-FM Wraps Year

WOAS-FM will wrap up the COVID influenced 2020-2021 broadcast year at the end of June.  We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped fund our transmitter repair last fall and the students who jumped on board for the second semester of what turned out to be a most unusual year, to say the least.
An added TY goes out to Lee McCaffery (pictured) for joining WOAS-FM last year and sticking it out through the ups and downs of the COVID closures and restrictions.  Once upon a time, WOAS played host to a full evening schedule of live DJs.  While names like Doug Filppula, Linda Graham, Brian Nowicki, Mo Anton, Jim Block, Zenith Bennett, and a host of others may not be recognizable to our newer listeners, they were the basis for an eclectic array of WOAS-FM evening programs across the years.  As volunteers, our DJs have freely given their time to our broadcast schedule before life and jobs required them to move on.  With fewer live voices in the mix, WOAS-FM has relied on syndicated programs like The Beale Street CaravanAcoustic Rainbow, The Midnight Special, Dr, Duck’s Rx For Guitar, and The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour to fill the evening hours.  For the coming broadcast year, we would like to open our doors to other people in the community who might like to share their love of music.  Training is minimal, and as I tell all new DJs, “If learned to do this, you can, too.”
Lee McCaffery is a great example of how to volunteer your time.  Lee called me in the 2019-20 broadcast year and asked if he could get involved with WOAS-FM.  Lee had some experience spinning records for his ship-wide radio station back in his Navy days, but nothing since.  Lee has occupied our Friday evening schedule ever since and has a good following from 7 to 10 PM on both the local airwaves and our  internet feed at .  Even when the face to face schooling was not possible, Lee was nice enough to keep his Friday slot going when school was in virtual mode.  Thank you one and all for your contributions and comments to WOAS-FM  88.5.  We will let you know when the new broadcast year resumes in mid-August of 2021.  Even when WOAS-FM is off air, we check our messages frequently at 906 813 0614 X113 and at .
Top Piece Video: “You heard on your radio” . . . finer words were never sung!  Thanks Queen!!
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