June 8, 2017

Beautiful Man from Mars!

After many months of teasing – Jack Spann’s new CD hits the streets on June 16th!   We have been sent frequent updates on the new album by Spann’s producer Gary Tanin at Daystrom Records in Milwaukee.  We will be going on summer hiatus about the time Beautiful Man from Mars hits the street, but we will play it as often as we can before we go dark.  The track presented here was on Spann’s initial release through Daystorm (Time x 5) and a second excellent version done with the Jack Spann Band appears on the new Beautiful Man from Mars CD.

The web-site will still be active but our video and audio streaming will be dark until the week before Porcupine Mountains Music Festival #13 in August.  Hope you stop up to the Singing Hills stage to see me!!\

Thanks for another great broadcast year – now if we can get rid of those pesky demons inhabiting our broadcast board, life will truly be golden!  Have a great summer