August 9, 2021

From our friend Kitty D . . .

                         August  2021
look for the light when you come back again ~ look for the light at the end of the day
look for the light when you come home again ~ we’ll keep a light burning to
show you the way
  ‘Look for the Light’ from “As Sparks Fly Upward”           

This song was written many years ago when my son was entering jr. high school.  I knew everything was going to change, and it did, but we all got through it just fine.  A bit more on back~to~school below, but for now my mind is on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 coming up in a few short weeks.

As most of you know I wrote ‘There Are No Words’ on September 11, 2001 and it’s had it’s own journey since then.  The one thing I’ve never done is put together an ‘official’ video of the song ~ until now.  With the great help of Will Spencer (22NorthAudio in Ypsilanti) we got it pulled together AND submitted for a 2022 Grammy, just under the wire. Folk Alliance International was submitting things for Grammy consideration for their members, so that’s what I’ve done.

And of course, the Recording Academy must get THOUSANDS (tens of thousands?) of submissions, which they sift down to about 5 per category, so my chances are pretty slim.  But I couldn’t not go for it, right??  The actual nominations won’t be announced until January.  Until then though, I’m doing my best to make the video go viral.

This is where you, my friends, come in.  You can watch the video any time you want at this facebook link
OR you can download it to watch as many times as you like for only $1 at
Vimeo on Demand.  Here’s that link ~  
I’ve never made much money at all on the song and I’m hoping to defray some of the costs of the video.

Please Share the video if you think that’s a good idea and consider sending the link to your local TV station, police or fire station. Mine is a very little voice in this big world but I’d like this one song to be heard.

Now Back~to~School – or at least, I hope so!  With the new Delta variant happening right now there’s no way of knowing for sure if schools will open in the fall, but I’m sure kids and parents are so ready!

I announced awhile ago my intention of starting a kids & family blog, then I got sidetracked, but now it’s back on the front burner.  Called ‘Stir Crazy Dish’ it will be a combination of original poems, songs or stories that have a central theme matching a couple of recipes and often a short video.  I came up with the idea when we were still Covidnating and then time got away from me.  With school in or out I think it will be fun.  Stay tuned.

TOP PIECE VIDEO – the original THERE ARE NO WORDS we posted previously